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People Doing What They Love

I’ve been working a while at gathering photographs of people I meet doing work they love. Artists, craftsmen, people connectors, movers, shakers. I admire each of them, and it’s a privilege to capture them at work. Click on an image to see it enlarged; roll your mouse over it and back out to hide the description.

Stephan Mantler, Adventure Guide
Falconer David Roth & Sal
Palenque in San Sebastián del Oeste
Niels Thorlakkson, Urban Farmer
Porcelaines Bousquet
Naked Walrus
Edgar Martinez, Lavender Harvester
Chapel Cleaner Walking Up Steps
Katie Hershfelt, Activist, Foodie, Fermentation Guru
Sean Peterson, Woodworker
SB Barbers
Zack Gill, Musician
Wool Dyer
Em Jackson, Glaciologist
Stephan Mantler, Adventurer & Guide
Connor H, Explorer
Alison Hensley, Activist, Farmer’s Market Vendor
Paul Relis, Environmental Activist
Stephan Mantler, Horse Farmer
Stephan Mantler, Farm Manager
Saeunn Erna, Fish Expert
Volunteer, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Blake Nobel, Musician
Elfar, Artist
Heba Auðunsdóttir, Potter
Heba Auðunsdóttir, Baker
Ryland Coburn Chase, Mixologist
Jonathan Bastian, Radio Host
Jonathan Bastian hosts
Father Jokin Gutierrez
Street Puppeteer with Wolf
Sigrid Wright, Activist
Evan Laflamme, Saxophonist
Alex Frecker, Urban Farmer
Alex Frecker, Urban Farmer
SB Barbers
Eric & Niels Thorlakkson, Urban Farmers
Patriots in Stanley, Idaho
Joey Perez, Barber
Eric Lohela, Spearfisher
Andrés Úlfur, Life-Saving Tour Guide
Jonas, Head Chef, Fiskibarinn
Tile Carver
Kristján Arnþórsson & Heba Auðunsdóttir, Hosts
Inga Stumpf, Farm Manager
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